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Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

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Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

Residential Landscaping: Options for Tree Stump Removal

Diana Jones

If you are planning on improving your residential landscape, it is critical to eliminate tree stumps. These tree remains are an eyesore and will interfere with the visual appeal of your yard. In addition, stumps are tripping hazards, and they will take up useful landscape space in your home. Ideally, you should engage a tree removal company for the stump elimination task. However, with a few tools and chemical supplies, you might be able to perform the work without expert assistance. Regardless of your choice, here are the primary techniques for the stump removal project.

Mechanical Removal

Mechanical stump removal involves using a grinder to chop the tree stump into small pieces. Basically, this type of equipment consists of a circular cutting blade with resilient teeth. This operates by rotating at high speed, such that it will cut up the tree stump when it comes in contact. If you choose to use this method, you can hire this machinery from a garden supplies store. If you engage a professional, they will charge either per stump or per hour. Before starting the grinding process, it is always prudent to collect stones around the stump to avoid damaging the machinery. In addition, use a chainsaw to shorten the stump and make the work easier.

Chemical Removal

A dead tree stump will rot over time due to its exposure to the environmental elements. Chemical removal is an advantageous technique that is designed to hasten the rotting process for easy removal. There are numerous tree stump removal products in gardening shops. Most of these contain potassium nitrate as the active ingredient to facilitate the degradation of the wood. If you choose this method, you will need to drill several holes in the stump and pour the potassium nitrate and water into them. You will notice that over time the tree stump will become spongy; the time taken will depend on the specific product. Use an axe to break up the spongy stump.

Removal Using Fire

You can literally burn a tree stump to eliminate the offensive feature from your land if the local fire regulations permit the process. Ideally, you will need to drill large holes into the tree stumps and fill them with an accelerant. Use fuel oil or paraffin; avoid petrol because it burns to fast and poses a hazard. Allow the oil to soak into the stump and then light it up. The stump will burn and smoulder until a charred hole is left. You can remove the remains with an axe or shovel. 

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