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Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

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Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

Tree Stump Grinding: How Low Should You Go?

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If you've had a tree removed but still have the stump to deal with, then you may have decided to have the stump ground out. While some people leave stumps alone, sometimes you need to remove the stump to do some work on that area of your garden.

Stump grinding is an effective way of removing an old tree stump. This process also kills any remaining roots left in the ground—with no stump, the roots are deprived of food and will eventually die away. However, stump grinding can work a couple of ways. A shallow grind removes the top of the stump and goes down a certain way underground. A full grind digs deeper. Which option should you choose?

When a Shallow Stump Grind Does the Job

If you simply want to get the top of the stump out of your garden so the ground is even again, then a shallow stump grind will do the job you need. This will take out any of the stump that is above ground and cuts away some of the underground stump area. You get a little dip that you can then fill in to even things up.

A shallow grind also works if you have simple jobs to do in the area like re-turfing. To get turf down, you just need to remove enough of the stump to make room for new soil and then turf or grass seed. While you could go for a complete grind, you may not need to dig down that deep for this kind of job.

When a Full Grind Is Better

Sometimes, you need to get more or all of the stump out of the ground. In this case, a full grinding process is better. This clears the ground completely. If you want to plant a new tree in the same spot, then taking out the full stump is advisable. You need to give the new tree clear access. If parts of the old stump are in its way, it may not get the best growing start.

Going further down may also be essential if you're landscaping your garden or building on it. Your contractors may need clear ground to work with. Parts of an old stump and an active root system might just get in the way.

If you aren't sure whether to go for a shallow or full grind, then ask local tree service companies for advice. They can help you decide which stump grinding process to use.