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Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Sarah, and right now, I can see my favourite tree from my window. A few years ago, it was ailing, but I learned everything I could about tree health and nurtured her back to abundance. In this blog, I plan to write all about tree care, from the basics you can do on your own to knowing when to call a professional. My love of trees grew out of my love for gardening and landscaping, and I may write about those topics as well. I hope that you like my blog and that it inspires you. Thanks for reading!

Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

Are Your Tree's Branches Telling You That the Tree Has a Problem?

Diana Jones

You may not pay much attention to the trees in your garden on an everyday basis; however, if something changes in one of your trees, then you may worry that something is wrong. While some issues, like leaning trees, may be obvious, some problems are more hidden.

Sometimes, a tree that looks otherwise healthy shows signs of ill health through its branches and foliage. Changes in these areas may indicate that you need to have the tree looked at. What should you look out for?

Changes in Leaves

The leaves on a tree can indicate its overall health. If you notice changes on some or all of the leaves on one or more branches, then this is a flag that something isn't right.

For example, you might notice that one of your branches has leaves that look different from the leaves on the rest of the tree. The leaves may be a different colour or even a different shape, or they may look dead. In some cases, a branch may lose all of its leaves while other branches retain their foliage.

Changes in Branches

If a tree has a problem, then it may shed dead branches. While this can happen after other events, like storms, finding a dead branch on the ground for no obvious reason is a red flag that the tree might not be healthy. Even if your branches are all still in place, they can be in a bad way. For example, if a branch has lost most or all of its leaves, then the branch itself may have died. It may also be a different colour than other branches.

If you can reach the branch safely from the ground to touch it, then it may sound different when you tap it compared to other branches around it. It may, for example, sound hollow. Twigs on the branch may also break off easily if you pull them.

If the branch has been dead for a while, then it may also have started to lose its bark. If it has got a rot infection, then parts of the branch may look like they are decaying.

If any parts of your tree look different, then you should have it checked over. It may be that you simply need to have some branches removed to make the tree healthy again. In some cases, you may need to hire a tree removalist to take the tree out completely if it is beyond help.