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Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Sarah, and right now, I can see my favourite tree from my window. A few years ago, it was ailing, but I learned everything I could about tree health and nurtured her back to abundance. In this blog, I plan to write all about tree care, from the basics you can do on your own to knowing when to call a professional. My love of trees grew out of my love for gardening and landscaping, and I may write about those topics as well. I hope that you like my blog and that it inspires you. Thanks for reading!

Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

5 Decisions You Need to Make When Considering Tree Removal

Diana Jones

Removing a tree on your property, especially a large tree, requires some planning beforehand. This is true even if you hire a professional to remove your tree. Before you remove a tree, you'll need to make several important decisions.

1. Who will remove the tree?

Unless your tree is small, you'll need to decide who is going to remove the tree. Removing large trees is fraught with danger, even for trained professionals. So choose wisely. Unless you know someone who is qualified and equipped to remove trees, hire a professional to remove your tree. A professional will remove your tree without damaging your property or harming anyone in the process.

2. Will you remove the stump as well?

You can ask a tree removal service to remove the stump as well. If you don't plan to use the stump for anything, such as a seat or table, then consider asking your tree service to remove it as well as the tree. Old tree stumps take years to decompose fully, and they can cause trip and fall accidents.

3. Is there an alternative to tree removal?

Are you sure that tree removal is the right choice? Consider your reasons for removing the tree, then see if there are any alternatives. For instance, if a tree is blocking your view of the area outside your yard, you could simply trim it rather than remove it.

4. Will you replace the tree after its removal?

Some homeowners remove trees that are diseased or damaged and then replace them with new and healthy trees. If you do want to replace your tree, will you replace it with another tree of the same species, or will you choose another species? An arborist can help you to decide what species of tree is most suitable for the soil on your property. They can also choose a tree to match your needs.

5. How will you use the space occupied by the tree?

If you plan to use the space after tree removal, then you'll need to prepare the space accordingly. For instance, you may need to fill the hole left by the stump with topsoil to ensure the ground is level if you plan to build something in the area.

If you have a tree on your property that you'd like to remove, be sure to understand exactly what you want before and after the removal. A tree specialist or arborist can advise you before the removal begins if you are unsure about anything.

Talk tree service for more info on tree removal.