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Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Sarah, and right now, I can see my favourite tree from my window. A few years ago, it was ailing, but I learned everything I could about tree health and nurtured her back to abundance. In this blog, I plan to write all about tree care, from the basics you can do on your own to knowing when to call a professional. My love of trees grew out of my love for gardening and landscaping, and I may write about those topics as well. I hope that you like my blog and that it inspires you. Thanks for reading!

Learn to Embrace Tree Service: A Tree Blog

  • Tips for Building a Raised Flower Bed With Treated Pine Sleepers

    16 March 2016

    The curb appeal of your home is something that factors into the overall value of your property. This means that you need to carefully choose the landscaping designs that you want to add. A raised flower bed can be a great addition to your yard and can be constructed using affordable treated pine sleepers. Pine sleepers are designed to be durable and are treated specifically to endure the outside elements. Before you begin installing a raised flower bed, it is important that you are aware of helpful tips that can make the process simpler.

  • What Homeowners Need to Consider When It Comes to Tree Removal on Their Property

    15 March 2016

    Getting a tree removed from your property is often a difficult decision, as trees can make a yard seem homey and inviting and provide a nice view, versus looking out and seeing the street, storefronts, or even a neighbor's yard. In some areas, having mature trees on your property may even increase your property value or the likelihood of being able to resell your home. When it comes to getting a tree removed, you want to make this decision carefully and to know what's involved, so note the following.

  • Tree Pruning: How It Is Done and Why You Need It

    15 March 2016

    Tree pruning is the process by which the form and growth of a tree is altered. In addition to improving the appearance of your tree, tree pruning has other benefits. A tree specialist can help perfectly prune your tree, letting you enjoy its numerous benefits. Here is what you need to know about tree pruning and why it should be done: How Tree Pruning Is Done Before a cut is made, a tree consultant will first determine why and what is to be pruned.

  • Reasons to Opt For Stump Removal

    21 October 2015

    Although trees are a great addition to any yard, when they become too big for the space available or start decaying, you will need to enlist tree removal services post haste. This is to avoid any inconvenience from your tree such as blocking of sunlight, low hanging branches and more. However, some homeowners may opt to have the tree removal specialists simply cut down the tree and not completely eliminate the stump.